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Rational Pharmacy Management

Farmasyon provides custom solutions to all kinds of administrative problems through pharmaceutical industry with professional bussiness knowledge and expert staff.

Farmasyon has been providing bussiness solutions to increase the profitability of pharmacies and developing fresh approach since 2011 in Bursa, with expert staff in each subject and sharing 37 years experience of Bursa Pharmacist Cooperative. In this context pharmacies are substantially analyzed and helped to gain competitive advantage and the institutionalization, by uniquely developed solutions.

Farmasyon mainly offers rational pharmacy management and aims to achieve sustainable profitability and give innovative strategic bussiness perspective to pharmacies according to their specific needs by training solutions and increasing the quality of service.

We serve an area of fully equipped 100 person capacitied training and meeting room and some private meeting rooms in 600 m2 Farmasyon Training and Consulting Center campus.

Farmasyon Products

Since 2011; we provide services with our products, education and consultancy services and pharmacy design works for community pharmacists and those wishing to establish a community pharmacy.

Our diabet group products Lifechek Blood Glucose Monitoring System and Newfine which has released to the market at the beginning of 2012 are the first choice of our pharmacists today.

After our diabet group; product scale has been enhanced by new medical products, sterile syringe, capsicum plaster and pregnancy test.

As the first step to nutritional supplements, we added Nature Tab brand to our product scale in 2013. Nature is now proceeding on its way with cosmetic products.

In 2014, an award winning German healthcare technology Medisana products hit the pharmacy shelves via Farmasyon.

Now we are transmitting our distributorship experiences gained from Lifetime nutritional supplements and Nordic Naturals fish oil supplements to our new brand ‘’Dinamis’’. Dinamis will come onto the market anytime soon!

Plasters, Bandages, Adhesive Bandage, Corsets and Knee Pads, Patient Absorbent Briefs, Sterile syringe, Pregnancy Test, Nebulizers, Lab coats,

Blood glucosemeter, Strips and Lancets

Insuline pen needle

Natural Skincare products, shampoo and shower gel, natural nutrition supplements


Farmasyon is the solution partner pharmacies with highly qualified staff. Refurbishing your pharmacy with us let you enhance your professional image and gain an added commercial boost. The consequential increase in profits will be an excellent return on the capital invested in refitting or redesigning your pharmacy.


To create the brand value of your pharmacy we also provide you with a professional image of all printed materials as "Corporate identity " pharmacy logo, business cards and signs, invoices, letterheads and envelopes , badges etc .

Farmasyon prepares corporate identity works to each pharmacy in accordance with its specific characteristics and assist you to gain continuity.


The exterior of the building is the first thing seen and the basic feature that distinguishes a pharmacy from others is physical appearance. Farmasyon helps you to find the most appropriate way allows you to differentiate and distinguish your pharmacy by developing signboard models in several ways. The selection of all design concepts are being implemented according to the location of pharmacies and customers demand.


Our experinced team offers you practical bussiness intelligence solutions for your information technology and workflow process needs; mobile applications, pharmacy automations and CRM solutions.

Farmasyon provides unique IT solutions that; you can manage your workflow efficiently, you have busy schedule, though.

Some of our IT Services;

Web and Software Applications,
Mobile Applications,
Pharmacy Management and Financial Software
Digital Signage


Farmakolej is online education platform of 'Farmasyon Education and Consultancy' which is a subsidiary of Bursa Pharmacists Cooperative. This platform enables you to have education without time and place limitation.

You are able to have education anytime anywhere via internet. By features of new age and the understanding of the rapidly evolving technology, education sense is being affected positively day by day. Farmakolej educations with an increasing quailty will provide many benefits and qualifications to health professionals.

We believe that our understandable, effective and practical online educations bring you new perspectives and educational attainments.